Digicell Flipbook??

Anyone have this or know much about it? Their website stinks. Not a lot of info. I just bought TBS and love it but am already thinking about getting TBSolo OR Flipbook (since it cost sooo much less)


I know that Flipbook is not vector. Is this a BAD thing or a good thing?

I’m VERY new at 2D animation so forgive me.

thanks for any insight!

Learn to use Toon Boom Studio, it is more than sufficient to produce great animation work. Flip book is over priced for what it does and Solo is way overkill for most people. It is a great program but most people don’t need or use most of the extras.-JK

Thanks JK!

Yeah, I can see what you’re saying but I am still curious about the vector vs raster element. The one thing I wish TBS had was a great way to shade your elements. I really don’t care for the clean look of vector. If that makes sense.

I’d like to have some nice detail in my characters. Like something you would paint in Photoshop. BUT, I understand that it would really add to the time in a project.

hi batzilla,
from my experience, unless toonboom studio has a bitmap editing feature, a possibly reasonable alternative is bauhaus’s mirage.

everything depends on what your drawing method is.
if you’re in for animating pictures, photos and drawn bitmaps in mixed styles, then a bitmap editing 2d animation tool is your choice.
if you’re happy with your vectors, toonboom studio is definitely enough.

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