diffrence between studio and studio express

i just wanted to know whats the difference between those two. i just can offer the lower price studio express, so there is maybe something i will miss or else.

i need to get a studio :D… 30 days trial is running out

thank you for help me out.


ah, got it by myself… i need money :-\

if you didn’t see this page yet click on it

so studio has unlimited pegs and elements which are great. express only has a few.

plus studio has a 3d camera and i dont think that express has it (i can be wrong on this one-it has been a couple years since i touched express because my friends bought it and showed him how to use the program).

I bought studio (3.5) right off the bat and skipped express.
when i touched express it seemed very limited and hard to make some ideas come alive quickly(still a good program). if your starting with a animation program totally get studio. it will be a program that you can grow into then outgrow.

check out the link

If you don’t need a lot of pegs and you aren’t planning on using more tat one thousand frames. Go with Express. I started with it to try out the software but quickly moved on t Studio when I found I liked it. If you’re not sure you’ll like the software, try express then upgrade, You’ll probably end up paying about the same if you do decide to upgrade and you won’t spend as much if you don’t. Express has a few limitations but it’s still great for smaller projects.