Difficulty with animating tone layers and onion skinning

I’m running Animate Pro 3 and I’m having real difficulty animating highlight and tone layers. I’m doing frame by frame work, I must have my settings wrong somewhere but while the onion skin works exactly how I would want for my line layers, it seems to be almost useless when animating blocks of color. Ideally I would only be seeing outlines but the closest I can come to that is outlines on previous and next frames but solid color on the one I’m working on and that doesn’t help.

At first I was doing tone/highlights on the overlay/underlay layers, but I found that works great for cutout but not for tradigital. But even when I added separate layers and used their colour layers (which I did for the onion skinning) I still find it difficult. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks –

In Preferences under the drawing tab check you have “enable shade” ticked next to Onion Skin Render Style. You might have outline only selected. Fingers crossed!

What seems to work best is to put the onion skins on outline and make the fill color semi-transparent, then when you finish make the color solid. Since AP has those awesome smart palettes that kind of change is easy (in flash forget it). This method gets the job done but I still think it’s kind of a hack. I get the feeling I’m still not doing it right, that there’s a better way but for now I’m getting good results .

Instead of making the fill colour semi transparent you could also lower the alpha of the whole layer in layer properties.

Cool I’ll try that. IMHO there should be an option in the onion skin settings for this kind of thing, to set the opacity of the current frame maybe, or to keep all frames as outlines.

There are two places where you can affect the color settings for Onion Skinning… In the preferences at the top of the “Drawing” tab, you can modify the opacity and wash values. On the “General” tab clicking on “Edit Colours” and going to the “Drawing” tab will allow you to modify the onion skin color.