Different Versions

Is there a way to open a ToonBoom Premium Data in ToonBoom Essentials? I’ve worked on a project using the premium version but now that its over I cant afford it and only bought Essentials. But can’t open the project I’ve worked on, is there a way around this?

With Harmony you have versions and you have 3 levels of each version. If the version is the same you can open it in any level but you cannot edit content that is level specific. In other words, you can open a Harmony Premium 16 file in Essentials 16 and Advanced 16 but the features only found in Premium 16 will be un-editable.

If you cannot open a Premium file in Essentials and you are certain that the Premium file was not created with a newer version of Harmony (you can open old versions in newer versions but cannot open newer versions in older versions) the file itself may be corrupt and the real issue, one possibility that comes to mind.

This is not true… Ive been trying to open a premium file in essentials for a few days now, not being able to recover a file in my “lesser” version of toon boom.

It is true. There is something else preventing YOU from accomplishing it.

As I stated:
“If you cannot,…the file may be corrupted…one possibility that comes to mind.” I did not say the only possibility.