Different fps in drawing & camera mode.. why?

Need some help! When I push play in drawing mode my character moves with the speed I want but when I push play in camera mode he moves slower.
I don´t like it.
I´ve tried to increase the fps but still it´s too slow.

I´m completely new at both TBS and animation over all so please be pedagogical with me :slight_smile: Step by step, how do I fix this?

First, do an actual export to .mov and play from the quicktime player instead of playing directly in the software. Does it play slow still or faster?

Then it´s the correct speed.
So, does this mean that my computer´s too slow?

The render while in the software may be slower due to extra demand on your system but if your hardware works fine otherwise, you can probably just do the export since it runs well, but just don’t save it if you don’t want to load your computer.

There is a “force frame rate” option under “Play” that can be checked. The tool will then keep the correct frame rate but the quality will go down as it skips frames/animations to make the frame rate correct.

I have been using this to see if the general “flow” of the scene is correct. If I think it is I will then export to ensure that everything is correct.

This setting is not remembered if you exit the tool and therefor must be set everything you open the tool.