Different characters are sharing drawings

Hi there. I was planning on creating a scene in Animate Pro 3 with two different characters that share the same structure, so I first made some layers called body, eyes, etc, etc, then just duplicated the whole structure and started drawing away.

Once I finished drawing and pivoting the standing pose for both characters and after animating a small test, I started making some blinking eyes for one of them and noticed that there’s a second drawing in there already. Oops, it’s the other character’s eyes. Of course, the same happens with the mouth, etc, etc., but I can’t erase any of those drawings without deleting that feature from the other character on screen, no matter if I clone or duplicate one of them.

The question is, is it possible to edit the layers of one of the characters so they’ll stop being shared with the other, without losing the relative positions, pegs, etc, that have already been made? Thanks.