difference in camera view vs. drawing view

My first test animation is a golf ball on the green. Up to the 7th frame, the drawing and camera views show the golf ball looking the same, but in the 8th frame, the line is thinner in the camera view:


Any idea what would explain that?

You have a keyframe set at frame 8, it is a motion keyframe. Drawing view doesn’t show the effects of keyframes but camera view does. That’s is why the two views are different at frame 8. -JK

I removed the keyframe, and the lines were still thick up to the 7th frame and then thin after that. I found that “Convert Lines to Brush” restored the thin lines to their original thickness. Strangely, I then noticed that the frames before the removed keyframe were now thin. I went back and converted those to brush, and once again the lines after the removed keyframe were thin.

So I deleted that layer and started again, making sure not to add any accidental keyframes.

Now I’m running into another difference between camera view and drawing view. Same test animation, and in the last frame, the golf ball is in a different position in relation to the hole, depending on whether I’m looking in drawing view or camera view:


The ball looks like it’s in the same place on both grids, but the course looks different between the two. I never intentionally repositioned the camera or zoomed or anything, and I hit all the reset/recenter buttons for rotation, zoom, etc.

Why wouldn’t the ball and hole be lined up the same between these views?


Looking at your two images you have shifted the background element (the grass with the hole) when you positioned it in camera view. If you laid out the two elements together in drawing view and did absolutely nothing but switch to camera view they should remain in registration. But I suspect that you made a slight change in camera view perhaps by accident. If you had the scene ops SELECT tool active and touched one of the ARROW keys or you slightly moved your background image with your mouse that changes its layout position and it would differ from drawing view. Or you could have shifted the ball element slightly but it looks like it is the background that was shifted.

The grid is only valid in drawing view. When you look at the grid in camera view it remains the same in relationship to the drawing as it was in drawing view but the drawing element can and usually is repositioned in camera view as required by the scene. If you want to use the grid for registering multiple elements then you must peg those elements in camera view to maintain their relationship. And you must be very careful not to reposition either element when you switch to camera view until you have them pegged. Just because elements lined up to the grid in drawing view does not mean that they will line up in camera view if you reposition one or both of them unless you set up and maintain a pegged relationship.

Drawing view is your drawing board. Camera view is your animation camera stand. The way that TBS simulates a real camera stand and its compound table is thru the use of pegs.

Key Framed Animation Part 2

I’m sorry to be so slow to respond to your post I didn’t realize you had asked a second question.

Moving the camera alone wouldn’t have shifted the background in relation to the ball. And the reset/recenter buttons you mentioned have nothing to do with animating they are strictly for helping you to navigate and use the view window. They don’t change the art work or its position they just change your working view. -JK

Yeah, I thought when I posted to an answered thread it could get missed – I miss stuff like that, myself. Re: the delay, well it’s just great to have a place to get answers to my questions.

Funny, I was just starting to read Key Framed Animation Part 2 yesterday and contemplating using pegs for the first time. I see I could have benefitted from that already.

Thanks tons for your detailed answer.

Your more than welcomed. Keep at it. And keep asking questions as that is the best way to learn quickly. We are all here as a community to help each other. -JK