Difference between toon boom studio and animate

What the difference between toon boom studio and animate

Both have trial versions available that you can use to discover for yourself, as well as info on the programs available on the product page.

If I had to give a quick answer to a general question like this I would say that Animate is good if there is a chance that you will be upgrading to the professional products (Animate Pro, Harmony, Storyboard Pro) because Animate is compatible. For Toon Boom Studio, while it is a very powerful program, it is not compatible with the professional Animation software.

Let me be a little bit more specific:
I would like to know if the lines rendered in TBS differ from the one in Animate/Animate Pro/Harmony?
After doing some test drawing, I was comparing my results from drawing with the pen and pencil in TBS to the one in Animate/Harmony showcase and I notice a difference.
So what exactly is making the difference, the renderer, or the drawing tools?

It seems the forum is dead, like the wizard from my animation :slight_smile: :