Difference between the three versions of harmony?

Can someone please list the exact differences between harmony’s three packages?

I know about the curve editor and the node based thing in premium.

But what FX are available in advanced and premium that aren’t available in essentials? And any other explicit features.

I saw a chart they had on the website with some checks in certain columns and not in others, but I need to know what I can do in one that I can’t in the others and vice versa.

Please either write or post link where I can see the specific differences?


The list here https://www.toonboom.com/products/harmony/pricing gives you a basic overview.

Filters: Blur-Radial, Colour-Scale, Glow, Shadow, and Transparency. Advanced only offers two more: blur-gaussian and colour-override. Compared to Premium: 38 filters. http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-14/premium/reference/node/filter/filter-node.html

Drawing: no bitmap painting tools.

No wav export. No 3d objects support. No particle systems (so no easy rain or snow animation).

Render output is limited to 2k.

To be honest, Essentials is a very cut-down version - good for beginners, but I’d say you are better off looking at alternatives (OpenToonz, Toonz Premium, Moho) if you cannot afford either Advanced or (better) Premium. Even OpenToonz (open source and free) offers scanning, vector drawing, nodes, curves/graph editor, a nodal compositor with a wide range of filters (more than Harmony Premium includes), bitmap drawing, unlimited render output size, particle systems, etc. etc…

Perhaps I am overly harsh, but in my opinion Essentials should not be offered anymore in lieu of what the competition now offers. I don’t really see the point of Essentials anymore.

You can compare the editions in detail here:

Open the REFERENCE section, and compare the NODES.

Yea seriously this. There’s no way i’d use essentails for rig based animation. Pure frame by frame maybe, but even there there’s better alternatives. Node view is essential to this.

I am using it for frame by frame at the moment and there are so many features missing that you’ll only come to know them when you start using the Essentials version. It’s still possible to do various things as I have found workarounds but it makes the animation process even longer.