Difference between TB Studio 7 and Animate

Hi, I’m sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find any references to it.

I purchased TB Studio 7 awhile back. I know they added a lot of functionality to TBS in version 7.

I’m curious though - what’s the difference between TBS 7 and Animate?

I have an option for a cross upgrade, but I’m not clear on what the benefits would be, and there seems to be no sales sheet describing the differences.

Things I like on TBS7 are the built in weather/particle animations. Would I loose those if I were to cross upgrade? Or are they also included on Animate?

I’m also not clear, if I did a cross upgrade to Animate, would I be able to continue using TBS, or would that be lost, and I could only use Animate at that point?

But they are coming out with version 3, so you should wait until more details become available about that.

You can check these pages for Animate 2 features:


As already noted, there is currently no particle system in Animate, but Animate 3 has been announced, so you may want to wait to see the new feature set.

Your best bet is to download and try out the Animate free trial. Then you can see for yourself. https://store.toonboom.com/downloads/try/138

I think you would still be able to run TBS 7 after you cross-grade, but you would no longer be able to re-install it or upgrade to TBS 8 because your license will no longer be valid and you can no longer activate it. You might want to e-mail support for a definitive answer on this.