difference between some things

hi again!
1) in fact, what is the difference between TBAnimate and TBStoryboard and other similar products such as TBHarmony, TBDigital?
2) suppose I can use from TBAnimate completely and I am professional to use from this product, learning other similar products Is necessary or I can do all of my animation works just with this tool?

you ca help me a lot by your explanation.


Well… Animate is a animation tool to create animation from start to end. Storyboard is a tool that allow you to get your Storyboard for pre-production done. The storyboard is basically the explanation of what your project will be. It give you a basic visual of what each scenes of the project will be accompanied by the script that describe each of those scenes. Inside Storyboard Pro you will also have some tools to create your Animatic (which contains basic layer movements along with transitions between the scenes and camera movements).

Animate should be good enough to be able to produce your projects, simply be aware that Animate does not have a scene concept so if you plan on making a long project you may need to use a video editing capable software to put back everything together (something as simple as Quicktime Pro can do the trick).

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