Difference between animate pro and after effects

What is the difference between after effects and toonboom animate pro?

Animate Pro is a 2D animation application, whereas AfterEfffects is a video composition and special effects program. While AfterEffects does offer a puppet pin for doing character animations, it’s main focus is for video compositing and special effects creation, not so much for character animation. Animate Pro is a drawing and animation application specifically geared towards 2D animations, and character animations.

AE has some major drawbacks if you are considering doing 2D animation with it. Any artwork created in AE is bitmap, not vector, so scaling and “fuzziness” will be problem. If you plan on importing artwork from say Illustrator than not a problem. Also, the puppet tools in AE, while useful, are more difficult to control for a 2D character compared to TBS, Animate, etc… Cut-out animation is possible in AE but again, it wasn’t made for it, so a little more cumbersome than TB products.

If you want to really see what AE can do visit www.videocopilot.net. Andrew Kramer is amazing and has done work on the 2 Star Trek movies using AE and his Element 3D plugin.

Bottomline - if you want to do 2D animation - then TB products. If special effects, titles, etc…, then AE.

Does this animate pro is available in 3d application also…??

3d character animation

Animate Pro is a 2D animation product. While you can do planar 3D, and pseudo 3D with camera movements, artwork and characters are still in 2D.

TB’s next product in line, Harmony, has full 3D functionality, but is more expensive, naturally. I have it and the 3d feature works flawlessly.