Did I Make A Mistake?

I have been waiting for Toon Boom Animate for a while. Finally, it was given to me as a gift. I got it yesterday and went to install it and… it wouldn’t activate. I’m wondering if I made a mistake ordering this product. I’m looking at the forums, here and there seems to be a number of problems people are having with this software. If I’m having so much trouble just with the install and activation, are there serious problems ahead?

I would like to hear from someone about this, before I decide whether to keep this product or send it back for a refund.

  • I asked a friend who works in the animation department at Warner Brothers and he had never heard of this program. I’m really disappointed.

i’m sorry you having a rough start with animate.

have you tried emailing support, or post your problem in the support part of the forum.

try to give as much information about your problem as possible and your system your using.

another test …try the demo PLE and see if that works


I have to say that the support people at ToonBoom have been great. Ron and Ugo have followed up and are on the task. I appreciate all their help and have been impressed by their dedication to solving my problem. Hopefully we can get this thing off the ground and I can make some great films. I remain optimistic, based on their level of attention.