dialogue problems

I am a computer teachr in Dublin Ga and I have just started useing BTS v3. I can get one character to lip sync. How do I make to cows talk to each other? I can only get the first part of the talk to work on one cow. How do I get one animation to talk - listen – talk - listen. I do not know if I am making any sence at all.

To do this all inside TBS you might have to prepare your sound-files
according to your conversation before you do the Lip-Sync-Mapping

Give your mouth-elements unique names (maybe mouth1/mouth2…)
and Lip-Sync your prepared sound-files to each of them.

You can still do some adjustments like moving the sound-files
(you might have to Modify the Lip-Sync-Mapping again after that)
or changing mouth-shapes in the exposure-sheet if necessary.


as far as i remember (correct me anybody if i’m wrong, i hardly do any lipsyncing) one can lip sync only one sound file at a time. as soon as the second file gets lip-synced, the lipsync map for the first file gets overwritten.

thus one should draw all the lip positions for the first file first, then for the second file.

Hi Rob,

Correction to your message, it is actually possible to map multiple sounds to one single drawing element as long as the sound does not overlap. In fact this is a good way to have an expression change inside a dialogue. What you would do is cut your sound in 2 tracks (1 happy track/1 angry track); create your mouth for the happy track and the angry track in one single drawing element. Lip-synch the first track and map it using the happy mouth then lip-synch the second track and map it using the angry mouth.

As long as the sound does not overlap you won’t override any mouth that has already been synchronized.

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