Dialogue box / text field question

I’m testing the trial version of ToonBoom Storyboard. I was wondering if there is any way to change the way you can enter text into the Dialogue field (or any other for that matter)? I’d like to just be able to write my text in by hand via paint brush / drawing tools instead of typing.Thanks.Phil

Hi,I guess the only way you could get that done would be to write in the drawing panel. We do not actually have a text recognition that would allow such feature.Regards,Ugo

If I write in the drawing panel and then export my board to .pdf the dialogue written outside of my panel frame can not be seen. Can a second box be added in drawing field so that my hand written dialogue would appear under panel when exported?Does that make any sense?? :)And you mention that you don’t have text recognition that would support that, but I don’t need any sort of text recognition. Basically, I guess i would like to know if any of he text fields (slug/dialogue/notes) could be changed to drawing fields instead of text fields. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to add drawings under the actual panel for things such as eye darts or quick hand gestures that don’t require a new panel.

Hi,I understand, we will have to see if it is possible but so far text fields are not actual drawing zone so this would require to have some new method to get the thing done.Best regards,Ugo