Dialog text box content fonts unreadable (tiny and distorted)

The font that is used in the dialog text boxes and the script editor is about 6 point something. Unreadable and unusable. How can I change the font? Using Animate on a Macbook pro 17in (2 years old).


Haven’t solved problem yet, but found that setting OS X to anti-alias text above 4 point at least means I can read the text (from four or five inches away).

The text is a standard locked size… what graphic card do you have and what is your display setting set to? -Romi

It is the stock graphic card in the Macbook Pro prev generation (Intel 2.17ghz dual core processor). ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor with 256 MB of GDDR3Settings screen resolution, at 1680x1050 native, 24 bit colourIt appears as at most 6 point text, sans serif. What is the font name/family … perhaps I have removed it and its substituting something else.

the font seems locked, if you deleted a font, you probably would not have a font available in Animate anymore… the only thing I see to change the size is to reduce the resolution to less than 1680 x 1050, but you would have to see how you like lower res with your applicationsyou could send a screen capture showing your font to : support@toonboom.comto be looked at…romi

I rmember seeing something similar on another graphics program sometime in the last couple of years.I seem to remember that the solution involved changing some setting on the graphic card, sorry I can’t remember what the setting was, although it might possibly have been something to do with switching OFF hardware acceleration.Regards,Bernard D