detailed info about V3.5

Up until now I was only able to find little info about the new features in 3.5. Is is hard to decide if the new version hsa something for me based on the few lines of information on the site. Is there more detailed info available somewhere?


You did read the pdf on the main page?

Do you have u url to the pdf file you mention. I could only find a pdf describing the 3 version.
it is a v3.5 specification.

Does the pdf make clear to u what all the improvements are? E.g. what are animated elements, what are the improvements to the pegs system?

not always. but i know where to look for new features. then i test them by myself, sometimes many days long.

moorsel ,
Short of releasing an early version of the Users Guide for V3.5 it would be difficult to provide the level of details you most likely are wanting.

The one thing that has been said so far on this topic is that many types of key framed values and features currently relegated to pegs specifically will be available directly in animated elements, so a general understanding is that you would be able to do many animations without the need to attach elements to pegs first. Pegs will still exist but their role will be reduced in many situations. This should simplify timeline activities and also reduce the complexity of peg usage.

So far one really great new feature is the increased capabilities of the already powerful color management system to allow color pallets to be created and shared across multiple projects. A real time saver for people who previously had to do a lot of workarounds to reuse color pallets.

Stick around there should be plenty of discussion of the new features and their applications as soon a V3.5 is released. -JK

Hi moorsel,

For now we don’t have any other detailed document. You can wait for the release to have more info. In the mean time, if you have questions about the features list in the PDF file, I’d be glad to answer them.


can i download v3.5 trail version?

Not yet, it will be released around the 20th of this month (i heard) but i am not sure wether the trial be available at the same time.

Thanks, JK, for your input. The new feature in Version 3.5 is the ability to export images via PDF. I have Adobe Illustrator, but I’ve never really gotten into it for my commercial assignments. I still use pen and watercolor on watercolor paper. But I have used Toon Boom to do a couple of digital (vector) illustrations since I love the more natural way of drawing using Toon Boom’s great roating light table. However, getting the image out of Toon Boom and into Illustrator for a client, was a time wasting work-around. The new PDF export should interest any illustrator who is using Toon Boom Studio for animation and would like to try using it for digital illustration, as well.

this, connected with the possible bitmap-editing ability, would make many illustrators switch to toonboom studio completely…

Keep on politicing and pushing that agenda, Rob, sooner or later you will get your dream of bitmapped editing in TBS perhaps in version 4.0 if they incorporate the Pegs’n Co software aquisition into this product. More likely it will be in Solo but you can keep asking the question and hoping. Persistance never hurts. -JK

yeah, solo ::slight_smile:
then help me get a good commission, a long-term porn graphic strips, for instance. then the first thing i buy is solo 8) :slight_smile:

but maybe the constant line thickness while scaling would be the studio’s next release possible item…

Is the PDF export a page-per-frame kind of thing? ie: 20 frames TBS = 20 page PDF file



Good question, Burton. I have no idea, maybe Mathieu or someone else from TBS will answer that. I was considering it for a single image illustration output, but having the option to export a series of numbered frames would be great, too. It probably does that, being a PDF. Mathieu?

Photoshop and (im sure) Illustrator can create pdf, it would be awesome if it could import a image created in these software packages and be editable in TBS. But, i havent tried doing anything with PDF in Photoshop…

Hi guys,

Currently the export to PDF will only export the current drawing (Drawinv view) into a PDF file. It was not made to export a series of frame but to output your vector art into a vector format to reuse in other softwares. If you want to output a series of vector drawing you have to use flash.

Bitmap editing is not out of the question, keep asking we build the specs of future version of Toon Boom Studio on customer feedbacks.


I’m still hoping to get an answer to the question I posted under System Requirements. The 3.5 factsheet pdf lists Mac 10.4 as required. The System Requirements link on the product page also says:

* PowerPC G5, G4 (Minimum), or Intel® CoreTM processors
* Mac OS X v10.4.x (Tiger)

I’m currently running TBS 3.0 under 10.3 and I’d like to know if I need to upgrade to Tiger (since I’ve already ordered the 3.5 upgrade).



We are still trying to make it work on Mac OS 10.3 but right now it doens’t look good. There are too many things that have changed since 10.3 and TBS 3.5 is crashing someimes.

If we cannot make it stable on Mac OS 10.3, we will have to work something out for our users (in the same position then you) since the system requirements said 10.3 and 10.4 at the time we officialy announced the pre sale of the 3.5 release.

I’ll keep you posted.