Desk setup

Hi. Are there any recommendations for a most efficient / productive studio set up for animators? I am new to this field and find myself a little arm-twisted when working between my wacom tablet and keyboard. What is the best positioning / layout for my keyboard, mouse, tablet… and me?
Tim :slight_smile:

Hi tim.

Well i think that’s something that just you can discover, and its dependent of your own space and objects you have.

Just make some different experiences until you discover a nice position.
see ya.

I went to the local art supply store and purchased a portable drawing board/table. It’s the kind that has the fold-out “legs” at the far end – so that it could be placed on a level table and be slanted for better ease of drawing. There’s a few online art stores that stock these, check out Dick Blick or Pearl Art Supplies.

I then put velcro strips on the left and right sides of my wacom and matched the locations on the drawing board. These velcro strips have adhesive on both pieces, you should be able to get them from Ace or hardware stores. I think that even the Container Store has them.

Next I placed the wacom about 6-8 inches from the top of the drawing board and that’s where my keyboard “lives.” The Velcro prevents the Wacom from slipping downward and I can move the drawing board so it would be at a better angle for drawing.

My computer desk is about 4 ft wide and 3ft deep and I have dual flat screen monitors. So I have a bit of desk space to work with.

This has worked fine for me, but your specific needs may require some differences. I came about my system by “melding” how I draw with how I use the Wacom.

Thanks for the tips. I am experimenting with various positions and am currently thinking about getting a bluetooth keyboard that I can fit just beneath the wacom (interactive).
Tim :slight_smile: