Designing characters and props

This is more of a workflow question.
When you design the characters do you do this in Harmony or in illustrator or in another software?

I mostly start in Illustrator and then prepare it for animation in Harmony.

/ Mattias

I’m the same as you, Illustrator then take them into Harmony. Only because I’ve been using Illustrator for much longer and am comfortable with it. I also like to create my own custom brushes and custom brush tips in Illustrator.

And in the startup of an object is easier to share the design made in illustrator to staff/ producer etc.

Then since you have to save in CS 2 format ( or below ) to be able to import the ai-file as layers there are some limitations if you use a cc export.
so sometimes the design has to be recreated in Toonboom but my experience is that most work.

How do you prepare the ai-file for export into toonboom?

/ Mattias