Deselect when I change drawings

Just updated to v17 from v15 and migrating preferences seems to not really be a thing. I tried copying prefs files. Didn’t seem to work.

When I select a brush stroke and change drawings in the timeline, the drawing is still selected (even though it’s not visible). I can even still drag it. How do I turn that off? v15 didn’t do that, but who knows whether this is a bug or an option whose name I’ve long since forgotten.

Dont exactly understand the problem.

Tell more in detail and upload a screenshot please. ( you can attach to your first post but not to a comment . There you need to add a link to the image.)

Image 1: Draw
Image 2: Select
Image 3: Go to new drawing/frame

The curve is still selected in orange. I can still drag it and reshape it, which is confusing when I’m no longer on that frame. I want to turn that off.


when you mention it happened to me too a few times but I havent been thinking about it so much.

I dont really know what’s the idea behind it. I as around and see if nobody knows.
I use your images to show the problem. I hope its ok.

I let you know if I get any good answers to this.

Sure. Thanks.