Depth of Field

Hi, I’ve just been looking all over for any answer to my question but haven’t found any results so far.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to alter depth of field and focus and such in TBS, without having to export the movie with transparency into another (usually expensive) compositing program?

Any help or advise would be greatly appriciated.



Studio doesn’t have any blur or depth of field effects without the process you mentioned already due to it being vector based and at the bottom of end of the decent 2d animation software price range. If you upgrade to Solo (after parting with a great deal of money) that package has heaps of compositing options. Unless you’ll be making a great deal of money out of your project and the upgrade is worth it, you’re stuck with exporting and compositing in a 3rd party app.

I think most of the pixel based packages like Flipbook etc offer blur functions, but you’ll sacrifice some other features to get it.

Hope you find a workable solution for your project-



Yes, Solo is fantastic but… but… it is really very expensive!
It is really domage… but perhaps that the version of TBS will have a patch with additional improvements in a few times. :wink:

You could use a package like After Effects for final compositing, and apply some blur there.

Blur and depth of field effects would be nice new features for TBS or TBS-Pro! I rather like doing my compositing in TBS and being able to adjust DOF here allows me to make both major and minor adjustments in the work without post production.