depth blur and fade

Does toonboom have the capability to do depth blur and element fades.

By depth blur, I mean where either the background or the foreground is blurred and the opposite is not, and then you fade between them (like they do in the movies).

And by element fades, I mean switching immediately from one drawing to another but fading between them. I ask this because I’m going for a different type of artistic look for this project, and I don’t want full animations. I’m only hand-drawing certain, important key frames (sort of like anime at 1 frame per 3 seconds), and I want to fade between drawings.

If not, would you know of any other options to achieve these effects?

I’ve been thinking about ‘depth blur’ as well. I’m replying as a newbie, and I haven’t tried this yet, but I was thinking of putting a rectangle between the foreground and background and using a colour transform/alpha channel to make it semi-transparent. By experimenting with the rectangle swatch, I’m hoping to find a setting that simulates a depth blur. To swap the blur from background to foreground I would use a mask effect. As I haven’t tried this, if you find it works perhaps you could post the settings you find are best? :slight_smile:

With regards fading between images, doesn’t the alpha channel transform work on images? If not, you may have to use a rectangle again, in front of the image, and fade to black between the images.


hmm…the rectangle idea sounds pretty good, if I wanted a blur on the foreground, I guess I’d have to create a half transparent layer in the exact shape of the foreground.

In terms of the fade, I’m not familiar with the ‘alpha channel transform’, is this a feature in toon boom? Forgive me, I’ve just started using this program a week ago and haven’t had much time to experiment.

The ‘creating an exact shape of the foreground’ can be done easily with masks.

For information on colour transforms and masks, do lessons 5 and 6 in the tutorial (available via the help menu).