Demo to Animate 2 probs

Hi, I’m a new user to Animate 2 having used the trial version and now upgraded to the full version. However, I can’t open any of the animation that I completed in the trial version in the full version. Even symbols and templates are coming up as incompatible when I try to open them in the full version.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in completing 3 scenes over the last few weeks and would like to save them if I can. Any tips? Is it possible to transfer files from the trial version, and if so do I need to save them in a particular way?


You can’t open ple files in the paid versions. Just the way it is sorry.

Oh !£**%^£!! Oh well, back to the electronic drawing board…

Thanks though - I thought I was missing something obvious.

Nope it is by design to stop companies buying 1 copy to render and using dozens of PLE’s for everyone else.