Demo templates


I am currently demo-ing Toon Boom Storyboard, and I think it’s pretty cool so far! I am mainly interested in using the templates. In the demo version there is a limited amount of characters positions etc.

If I purchase the product, is there more, cool predrawn stuff included, or is the demo version pretty much what ya get with the full product?

Also, if this is the full library, is there a way to purchase additional templates?

Thanks so much!


I found the “Working Professionals” templates in the resources section . . .

If that’s all that is currently being offered, I think all of you talented artists are missing a golden opportunity to make some serious dough on the “not so familiar with drawing” surge of independent directors and filmmakers that are hitting the market due to the DSLR revolution.

Please keep me posted. I can’t even find .swf file characters for sale on the internet.


hi skyko

i wonder if you can get what you need from finding clip art?

there might lots of resources available from online sources

here is one search i did

probable lots of different sources you can pull from

hope that helps!