Demo Limitations - 65 Frames?

Apologies, I’ve searched the forum but can’t find anything on this…

I have created a simple overhead animation of a road using .png’s for transparency, and although on a Vista 64bit PC everything works fine in creating the animation (runs as an x86 program).

When I try to export a simple 200 frame animation as still images though the exporting freezes at around 65 frames, regardless of the image format used, and the program no longer functions. Is this a known limitation with the Demo version? Obviously I would want to check prior to paying out for the full version when the demo expires if it’s my setup or simply a limitation for demo users…

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As far as I know, the TBS trial-version has no limitations, apart of the 30 day time limit.
Either, you might exceeding your systems memory capabilities, or don’t have the recommended System Requirements…?

2 GHz Intel® / AMD® processor (3 GHz recommended)
Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / Tablet PC (32 bits)
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Video card supporting Direct3D or OpenGL 
with 128 MB of RAM
Monitor supporting 1280x1024 resolution
Internet Connection for activation
Free QuickTime® Player
Free Adobe® Reader 9 (or later)


Thanks Nolan, but I fear that’s not the case as my PC does exceed the minimum reqtuirements, other than I run a 64bit system rather than a 32 bit one (although that doesn’t explain why the actual program works fine, just the rendering…)

Back to experimenting…



Could you check how big your project it (memory wise). If you did vectorize 200 images it may be that the amount of data that needs to be kept in memory is too high for the memory that is available for the software. You might want to try to monitor your memory usage during the render through the Task Manager>Performances tab to see if it peaking up.

Otherwise there may be things in the project to optimize. Try to Flatten and turn all Pencils to Brush if you can as pencil lines will be heavier to render then brush.

Let us know if this helps.

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