deleting vectorization files from color palette

Hi all -

is there a quick and painless way to delete the vectorization files that get built up in the color palette? Once i have imported the image and made whatever mods i needed to do and then moved the modified image over to a new or existing element, i have no more need of the imported image so i delete it - problem is the vectorization file exists in the color palette and after awhile it becomes cumbersome to get to the palette i want … I know it’s a minor thing, but am curious if there is a better way than just deleting them one at a time from the palette itself … thanks in advance, dan


There is unfortunately no way at the moment to clear unused colour swatches in a project. You would have to delete them one by one for the moment.

You could always turn the view to swatch move to have a more overall view of all the colour to spot the texture more easily though.

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