Deleting Pegs

Can you delete pegs without having to delete the entire element it’s attached to? I have messed up with my peg hierarchy whilst constructing a character, and I merely want to delete a couple of pegs that are attached to body parts. To delete the elements themselves would mean having to start completely over, given that the limbs I cut and pasted onto an element will be gone and I do not have them saved in the library.


You can delete individual keyframes on a peg or you can delete all keyframes on a peg. In either case the peg itself is not deleted just the keyframes. You can also detach elements from pegs and reorganize their hierarchy. It is seldom necessary to actually delete a peg element itself.

To detach an element and all its attached children from a parent peg select the element in the timeline track list and right click and use Arrange>Detatch From Parent.

To delete a single keyframe go to the specific frame of that keyframe on the timeline and right click and use Remove Keyframe. If you have the transform tool active then all keyframes for that specific frame are removed. If you have a different tool like the scale tool active then only the keyframe for scaling is removed from that specific frame. So to selectively remove specific keyframes of a single type from one specific frame at a time you select the appropriate related keyframing tool and then use Remove Keyframe.

To remove all the keyframes on a element select any frame on that element and right click and use Remove All Keyframes. You want to avoid using this command most of the time because it removes every keyframe and all your static properties for that element too. It is a choice of last resort when things get really messed up during keyframing. -JK

“Detach from parent” was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton.