Deleting keys on a drawing layer while holding the placement of other keys

Wondering if there’s a way to delete keys (or lessen the hold of a certain drawing), and yet maintain the key position of other drawings on that drawing layer. So if a drawing is held from frames 1-10, if I delete some of the the held drawing frames so that it’s now only held from 1-5, it won’t alter the timing of a drawing on frame 20. At the moment, following what feels like the standard route, if I shorten the hold and delete the keys on the first hold by 5 frames, the drawing on frame 20 will move to frame 15. Basically, is there a way to lock drawings so they don’t slide when other drawings are deleted? Thanks!


If I understand you right you have this layer of drawings.
Drawing 1 is a hold on frame 1-10.
And you have timed up drawings from frame 20 and on.

It seems like you want to change the hold of image 1 to frame 1-5.
And I guess you want to add another drawing on frame 6-10 then?

So select frame 6 and add a new empty drawing there.
Then it will be a new blank drawing on frame 6 -10.

Did that solve you problem?