Deleting Hidden Layers

Hi Everyone! - Happy New Year!

I was wondering if there’s a way to delete all hidden layers without merging or selecting individual hidden layers (and holding shift). I tend to accumulate tons of hidden layers at the end of my projects.

Thanks in advance!

Wow, this is an amazing feature for getting rid of all that layer clutter – I just tried it out and I found you can delete hidden layers on multiple panels and/or multiple scenes all at once (just by selecting the panels or scenes before runing the script). My coworker just showed me that you can quickly add a button to run this script customizing the Layer Toolbar (right-click to customize the toolbar, then select the “delete hidden layers” script). Easy!

There is a script you can add to the scripting toolbar to do just that. toolbar


So easy! :smiley:

Whoa that’s awesome!! What a time-saver. Thanks!!