deleting frames w/o altering pos on expsure sheet

is there a way to delete or clear frames in way that doesn’t rearrange the frames ahead of the point im working on? i’ve tried ‘clear frame’ but it deletes the actual picture and effects the rest of the frames using that image. and maybe im mistaken but it seems that delete and remove exposure seems to do exactly the same thing. help! this is really slowing be down.

I’m assuming you want to remove the cell currently assigned to a frame or a sequence of frames without effecting the surrounding cell to frame assignments. The easiest way to do this is by using the “Cells” tab of the Properties panel.

Try the following:
1. Select the frame of the element you want to set to blank. In the “Cells” property panel drag the slider under the cell preview to the farthest position to your left (basically directly under the D in the word drawing) that sets the cell for that frame for that element to “blank” essentially empty.

If you want to set a sequence of frames to blank you do the same thing except you shift-select all the frames in the desired sequence first then move the “Cells” properties panel slider to the farthest left position setting the entire selected sequence to blank. The selection of the frames can be done for any element either using the time line or the exposure sheet.

Hope this helps,