Delete white from my Drawing

Hi! I´m Importing Color Photoshop drawing with White Background to Toon Boom and I am not able to make this white background desappear and get only black and color.
Please help me!!

Thanks ;D

Hi sergioO

Here is a link to the Toon Boom Animate videotutorials, this one is about importing Photoshop files with layers:

If you want to vectorize here is another one:

You will find more tutorials on the page with great information on how to…

If your artwork is on one layer with white BG and you want to import as a bitmap with transparent BG, then while still in Photoshop.
Take the magic wand and select the white BG. Then go to Top menu
_Select - select similar, then press delete to get rid of the white BG.
Deselect and do nescessary touch up.
Then save or export, for later import in TBA.

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I really appreciate


I’m curious: When you import your single layer BMP of an image that’s surrounded by a transparent area (I assume it’s a PNG), which of the transparency settings do you choose? Straight, clamp to alpha?


Hi John

I never use clamp to alpha and have no experience with it.
Premultiplied with white , gives better result on white or very light BG
Premultiplied with black, gives better result on black or very dark BG
Straight gives no preference and function with all BG

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Thanks Ivar.