Delete several drawing to clean library

Hello everybody !

Someone knows how can I delete definitly several drawing in the library ?

I tried to delete directly in the folder “elements” but when I reopen the scene drawing are still here (but empty)…



Hi Juliusse,

a ‘Right Click’ → ‘Drawings’ → ‘Delete Selected Drawings’ on your selected drawings in the timeline will definitely remove these drawings from the library.

Hi Stefman !

Thx, you’re always the first ^^

but I would like do that automaticly or by “lot”/ “pack” not one by one drawing…


here’s what I do to achieve this:

I use Williams Saito’s excellent ‘Expose All Drawings’ script which exposes all the drawings of the layer’s library for one frame, one drawing after the other.

And then I delete these frames wich will clear the whole library of your drawing.

Wow !

It looks like exactly what I need !
I will try this afternoon !

Thanks you very much Stefman ! ^^

You’re a boss !