delete movements are preserved in animatepro


I have now the file where animation is exectued for 2 layers rotation over a a pivot-, when the movements in those layers were deleted previously in those layers.

(I removed the keyframes with F7, then deleted all the keyframes starting by frame 2, then the frame 1 was extended to all the next keyframes), and there is only a keyframe in frame 1. no camera)

so, it should display those layers without animation, but the result is that animate continues moving those frames.

last time I didnt save the file, now I saved.

how do I send it?

I found a way to solve the problem,
not ideal, but helps.

if one goes to a frame and then press any drawing , keyframe is created in that frame number, but the inbetweens frames the old movements are kept, those inbetween motions are not cleaned.
if you try to select f7 in the new position and delete the intermediary frames and the delete the frame in the new position too, it shows that if were cleaned but playing the action shows that it were not cleared.

1)so, the solution, is for each layer and frame where you are going to create a new keyframe, then FIRST goto a precedent keyframe, copy it, paste it in the new desired position, that cleans the intermediary animation movements in the buffer. then go to the new frame with the keyframe copied. Now and animate that frame to get the new keyframe overwriting the ld one there.
so it is a 2 steps, but it works.


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