Delete-Insert-Moving frames..

…Hello friends…

How I can do to insert a frame and to roll or move the rest of the frames, and how I can do the reverse, delete one, and the rest move back one space?

…Thank you…

…Hello Lilly!!!..

…No, I meant that in a series of cartoon frames, I insert a blank frame (without draw), and those that follow, the rest, move one space…


…What can I do??..


…Ok, it works perfectly… Thanks!!..

Are you talking about inserting a drawing and moving drawings over, or do you need to move over a keyframe?

Either way the easiest way to do it in my opinion is just with the + and - keys. + will move everything over one to the right, - moves everything over one to the left


Did you try using the + shortcut? It should move all the other frames over by 1. Then you can click on the frame where you’d like to insert a blank drawing, and do a right-click, then Drawings > Create Empty Drawing.