Delete ALL animation

Over the weekend, I was tooling around, and practicing creating a walk cycle. Eventually it’d get all hosed up, and I’d want to start over, so I was hoping there was a remove all animation, or reset all animation hotkey?

Also, I went into the timeline view, fully expanded, and ensured there were no keyframes or drawing substitutions. Which I did, there’s nothing, and yet my character still moves or animates as the playhead is moved. Could anyone explain why this is? It’s very disconcerting…

here shows the empty timeline

here shows the playhead moved forward, still no keyframes and yet the character has moved

Well now I just feel foolish… I don’t know how it happened, but way further down the timeline, where I hadn’t even animated anything, there were a whole slew of keyframes. Would still like to find a hotkey that would reset or delete all animation for the selected item.

Hey, live and learn!

You can zap all keyframes by collapsing all of you animation down to its master peg/group/whathaveyou, select the range in the timeline and hit shift+F6. to zonk all exposures, collapse everything, select a range, and hit the K- button in your timeline toolbar. SHOULD clear all exposures.

to reset animation, you can click the Reset Transformation button in the Camera View, or hit ctrl+shift+Z.

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Cheers, Jason

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Thanks… The issue I ran into though was there was animation added way down the timeline. I was doing walk cycles, and the furtherest I went in the time line was approx 36 frames. Yet somehow I ended up with keyframes and even tweened movement way down in the 100’s. To make matters worse, my original scene was only 45 frames long. I had to extend it in order to even find this weird phantom animation.

This was why I was hoping for a hotkey that didn’t necessarily require selecting anything, it’d just reset all animation. I’ll make due with what’s there, but all in all, it was a very odd experience.