delete a drawing substituion

Sometimes you want to get rid of one or more of the drawing substition.
How do you do that in the best way?

Is it drawing in Drawing substitution list in Library? This Drawing substitution view shows all drawings on that element. If you want to remove it from the list, the only way is physically remove the drawing by deleting drawing from the option (Drawing>Delete Selected drawings). But this will permanently remove the drawing however.

It would really be great if you could show the substituion as a thumnbnails or a list in the library view.
So you could organise, rename, delete, move etc in an easy way.

Good suggestion! At the moment we can do this from a template, but not from the scene itself. In the library, you can access a template by right clicking on it and selecting “Open as Folder”. Under the elements, you will get the list of assets included in your template, and inside each, the list of tvgs. These can be brought into your current scene, deleted or moved. It’s essentially the same as accessing the different images from your scene folder.

At the present time, to remove multiple drawings at the same time, you need to expose these on the timeline and select the multiple drawing cels. Then you must right click and select Drawings / Delete Selected Drawings.

Yes, I use this now and then to organise the template better.
Thanks for the info.

This is something they should do asap. I’m now having to delete a number of drawings from every drawing in a number of rigs. You have to see them, so it’s hours of work, where as if you could do it in the substitution panel, it would be a snap!


Since I wrote my opinions here I hav found this scritp which is very useful. I think it will help you too.

There are also many other good script.

I hope it helps.

/ Mattias