Delete a drawing for good?

Hi. Im learning, so this is basic I assume.

How do I delete an instance from a drawing, or the layer stack, or whatever its called. like, I’ve got a lip-sync with 8 drawings in it, but I don’t like drawing number 5. How do I delete it so it doesn’t show up when I scroll through the drawings layer in the timeline. And also, is there a way to ad a new drawing in the middle, like, between the 4th and 5th drawing?

(In flash you would put the mouth drawings in a symbol, so i’m trying to figure out how to modify drawings as if they’re on a timeline. or if that’s even possible. No idea where the drawing I made is actually stored.)

Also, is there a way to delete a new drawing block from the timeline like clearing a keyframe? All I’ve figured out so far is to delete that whole section of the timeline that contains the drawing you don’t want, and then bringing the first drawing to the end. (f5)


You can delete actual drawing from the Library by selecting Animation folder in Library and then browse down to scene you are currently working and then column name. And then select the drawing (5 for example) that you want to delete on right side of panel and right click to choose delete. This will remove the file permanently from your hard drive.