Delayed display of strokes


I’m a new Animate user. When I use the brush or the pencil tool (or the Eraser) the stroke appears on screen only after releasing the mouse button (or lifting the pen in the tablet). How can I see the stroke as I draw?

Thanks Lilly.
I have checked the drivers and reset preferences, but the problem persists.
Other drawing applications I have installed work as expected. This behavior is not directly related with the tablet since I get the same results using the mouse without plugging the tablet.
This is not a fixed-time delay. If I draw a stroke and I keep on pressing the button for a minute in the final position, the stroke is displayed only after releasing the button.

I have no more answers here. Should I submit my problem elsewhere?

It’s me again.

I have discovered 2 things:

1. Animate’s hardware requiremente does not include my graphic card (Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset).
2. Turning off Aero themes in Windows 7 solves the problem.

I’ve just moved Animate to the laptop and am having the same issue. Is it the Intel HD Graphics? Is there anything that can be done? ???



Thanks Lilly. Now I’ve figured out what Aero is (not just a chocolate bar - duh) and switched to a basic theme it all works fine.

Thanks all.

What is your graphics card? Make sure that you update the graphics drivers for your operating system to the latest. Also make sure that you have the driver for your tablet installed, and delete the preferences to reset the driver then restart the application.


I’m glad that turning off the Aero theme solves your problem. The reason that I asked you what your graphics card was earlier is because the Intel integrated graphics card is not supported, due to some problems that have been reported with that graphics card driver’s support of OpenGL.


The Intel Integrated graphics cards are not supported under the system requirements. The only thing I know if to try is turning off Aero. If this doesn’t work you will have to make sure that you purchase a laptop that has a supported graphics card.