delay with bamboo

I just downloaded Animate pro trial version and have a first problem.When I’m drawing,the lines are invisible,when the pen is on the tab.When I taking up the pen,the lines appears.
Second question: the background of the drawing window is grey.Is it normal?
My OS:Win 7
Toshiba laptop with 4Gb RAM
Integrated graphic card with Open gl support
In TBstudio5,Ihave not any problems
Maybe I need some special settings in the preferences
Please help!

I answer for myself,cause moderator did not answer.(I don’t know why).
Thanks to Steven Mussey, in another topic,I find an issue.So,if you have same problems,and using Win7,change Windows Aero to Basic in personalize menu(right click on the wallpaper).Do it, before any updating your craphic card.And read another topics in this forum.

Hi Sandor,

Please also be aware that your graphics card is not supported by the system requirements, so you might face some issues in performance as a result of this.

Also be aware that regarding the drawing window, by default the drawing window is white, but the camera window has a grey background. Also be aware that you need to add a colour-card if you want a white background, because by default everything is rendered with a transparent background, which shows up as black on images that don’t support an alpha channel.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Lilly!