Delay Issues with Intuos 3

I’m having delay issues with my tablet. The rendered line in Toon Boom 4 can’t keep up with my brush strokes. There is a significant delay, and if my stroke is fast enough, then the line may not appear at all. This doesn’t happen with my regular mouse, just with the tablet pen. This doesn’t happen in any other program with the tablet pen. I have the latest drivers for the Intuos 3.
What should I do here?

You can try changing the Renderer in the Display Tab of the preferences to see which one is faster.

Also try to disable full screen anti-aliasing. That should help improve performance.

Neither the renderer nor anti-aliasing has any effect on the delay issues I mentioned. Is there anything else I can try?
The mouse draws fine, it’s only the tablet that I’m having problems with. It works fine in every other program.