Del Key/Menu crash

Does anyone elses Toon Boom Animate software crash when they press the DEL key or go and delete from the menu? I’m just wondering if its my setup or just a normal bug? I’m running Vista Ultimate 64bit with dual monitors…Thanks


Hello Luke,

As Animate Pro is validated on Vista and XP 32-bit I suggest running
Animate Pro in compatibility more with Vista 32-bit.

Also, please be aware that when using dual monitors, this effectively cuts the resources of the graphic card in half (one half for each monitor) so
you may wish to try it in single monitor display to determine if you are pushing your graphic card beyond its limits.

Thanks for the reply!

I have checked to see if its because I have 64bit Vista and installed Animate on my XP 32bit, I returned my key and activated it on XP. It still crashed on XP! Could someone please try this: Start up Animate, go straight to view and click delete… Could you let me know if it crashes on you aswell?

My PC specs are good 2.4ghz Quad Core, 4gb of ram, Geforce GTX 295 running 64bit Vista, 22" Samsung & Cintiq 21ux that runs in multi GPU mode for Dual Screens. I cant see it being the cause of this, it happens sometimes when I need to delete stuff but not all the time. ‘Delete drawing object’ never crashes on me though.




Tried to reproduce and so far was not successful. Are you using a specific language setting on your keyboard? It might have some influence on the shortcuts.

Best regards,