deinterlace problem after upgrade (PC)

Hi, I’ve installed the 1,5 pro upgrade recently, and when I export to quicktime, the lines are all messed up, like deinterlaced. Another weird thing is that I only have a small amount of compressions to choose from now :’(We’ve tried reinstall quicktime, but that was no good.Any ideas ?ThanksSobie

Hi Sobie - how did you do your upgrade? what version were you running before the upgrade to 1.5? I have 1.5 now and can choose from a long list of compressions. How many can you choose from actually now?The answers to these questions will help me to give you a good solution!romi :slight_smile:

Well, I believe it was from 1.08 or so, our administrator installed it, so don’t know all the details. The same upgrade didn’t cause problems on another computer though, so we don’t really know what’s going on.There’s 17 compressions to choose from animation to png , thats all.Somehow Storyboard disconnected from the usual quicktime and other environments.Sobie

Hi Sobie,I consulted with a colleage and found out that some compressions have been removed in quick time’s new versions.You would have to roll back to an older version of quicktime.Try: www.oldversion.comromi :wink:

hmm, the deinterlace problem occurred before the quicktime update though. We tried to solve the problem by doing so. Sobie

ooooohhh :DThe deinterlace and compression problems have been solved by accident… by reinstalling a previous version of quicktime, 7.1.3 So the trick is… to re-install this version after upgrading to TBS 1.5, not the newest quicktime (what’s wrong with that ?)

I think maybe that the new version’s update of Storybaord takes the latest QuickTime version but this latest version of QuickTime removed some choices of compressions. That’s why when you rolled back to a previous QT version it was fine again. Just my guess.