Deforming a bitmap image - problems

Hi guys, I’m doing some tests about deforming fully raster character, everything seems to be ok except one thing, elements like Arms/Legs which can overlap generate weird artifacts. This issue is only present when rendered or previewed in render view.

I know that my english isn’t to good so here’s a link to video:

Hope someone can help me,
Thanks in advance, Karol.

For bones and curves when you intend to overlap with another body part you can’t use “Infinite” for the influence type. You must instead chose “Elliptic” or “Shaped” from the pulldown menu. The idea here is to control the zone of influence for the deformer to be as close to the body part as possible and to not have any extra space around it. This can be tricky to achieve.

Remember that this setting is inside the Bone or Curve module. You need to edit it and show the zone of influence from the deformation toolbar.