Deformers outside of character

I have Harmony Premium scenes from the studio I’m working for and in some scenes, the deformers are very far outside the character. Is there a way to move the deformers back to where they should be?

UPDATE: I figured out I can move the character using the Transform tool back to where the deformers are. That solves 1/2 my problem. Now I need to figure out how to move the character back to where it needs to be in the scene WITH the deformers.

UPDATE 2: I moved the character back using a Peg layer. Seems to work.

Allow me to continue this self-contained discussion as to, if anything, share my findings with those that might be experience similar issues.

The person who setup the scene did so by moving the character without moving the deformers with it. To solve this, I selected the character in the scene and using the transform tool, moved it out of the scene and placed it to where the deformers were. I then selected the Peg layer and moved the charcacter back into the scene where it initially was and the deformers went with it. Problem solved.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the trick. But can you tell why do you use so much envelope deformer on this kind of character?
Just asking the info for myself. See this a lot but don’t understand practical use of it

Hi Paul,
this is how the character rig was sent to me. It’s how the studio I’m doing the animation work for sets their rigs up. The deformers are really only applied to the torso and head. It makes it very easy to deform/rotate the torso for added realism when posing/animating.