Deformers are resetting my drawing pivots ?.


I’m having an issue with a rig I’m building where when I add a deformer to a drawing the drawing pivot gets reset to its default position. I had this issue earlier and I assumed it was because I hadn’t set all my pivots first, so I got rid of all my deformers, placed my pivots and then started adding my deformers but the issue still persists. If I remove the deformation node, the pivots go back to where I placed them. Any help is appreciated.



do you mean that the pivot point isn’t sent to the drawing’s peg anymore?
In this case, you would have to copy/paste your drawing and connect the copy directly to the peg, without, however, connecting it to a composite.

In other words, as the drawing isn’t the direct child of it’s parent peg anymore, the drawing’s pivot point coordinates aren’t sent to the peg anymore.

thanks my issue has been fixed.