Deformer problem

Experiencing a problem while animating Kyu-bum Lee’s Olive rig. When I get to frame 40, the deformers in her upper and lower arm switch suddenly to “Default Transformation” and cannot be switched back. I’ve looked for keys or exposures on frame 40 that might be associated with this switch, but can’t find anything. On frame 45, everything snaps back to normal. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Below are the before and after pics.

This problem seems to exist in Olive’s default scene as well. When you hit frame 11 the deformers in her arm vanish. I noticed that inside the Transformation Switch, the Drawing Path field suddenly goes blank.


This is certainly due to the fact that the substitution drawing used from frame 11 on doesn’t have a deformer assigned to it.
Just assign a deformermation chain by selecting one from the list.

Another possibility is that the Transformation Switch is not assigned to the right drawing.
This generally happens when duplicating or copying drawings that have deformation chains assigned to them.
You can see the “Drawing Path” of the assigned element in the Transformation-Switch’s properties dialog (e.g. “elements/Hand/Hand-4.tvg”).
In your case it is empty from frame 11 on. That could indicate that your Transformation Switch is getting its exposure information from another drawing.

Maybe the following will help:

  • Righ-Click on the Deformer Tools Task toolbar
  • click on “Customize…”
  • search for a tool called “Associate Parent Transformation-Switch with Selected Element” and add it to the toolbar
  • try to associate the drawing to the second Transformation-Switch as well by using the tool

Hope this helps.

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Hi Stefman,

That was my first assumption, but her arms have no substitutions. The same drawing is exposed on frames 10 and 11.

Re your second reply: I will definitely try that! Thank you so much, Stefman.

Tried it and it worked! Thanks a million!

You’re welcome.

Glad it helped. :slight_smile:

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