Deformer orientation values a bit off


I do normally mathematically remap values when sharing rotational values so I do normally dont run into troubles, but the other day while I was making a simplified demo for the forum I realized something odd…

When I spatially sample the rotation values of the deformer I get different values than the ones given by the numerical field. If we think in increments of 45 degrees, objects are supposed to spatially rotate from 0 to 45, to 90, to 130, to 180… so on so forth… however if I would draw the spacing of the deformer on a chart visually, things does not seem to match… 0, 90 and 180 degrees are in the position they are supposed to be, but when I try to spatially find 45 I find 50 instead, and when I try to spatially find 130 I get 125…

I dont know what kind of math is this… Why the deformation values are skewed? It feels as if the transformation would be translated from 3D and not just on a plane. Is this a bug or a feature?

Could someone reproduce this? Or even better explain my why?

Just draw a horizontal line and put a horizontal deformer over the line… then rotate and read the orientation values from the node… see if the 45 degree value is located in the right place…


That depends, is everything set to zero in the resting position?

It happens both in zero position and in non zero position.
It has been a while since the last time I researched this, but it does happened randomly and has to do with the creation of the first bone.
I already found some good workarounds, so I am not so worried. But I am indeed curious to understand it… is this a bug or am I getting old and click the mouse in funky ways like my parents… %-P


Sorry for late response, and thanks for checking it.
I am on Harmony premium. Humm, I still get this problem no matter if they are in sync or not. the angles 0, 90, 180… are ok, but not the inbetween values… uh…

I think it works like it is expected to in Animate Pro 3. (AP3 is what I have to use). When I type in degree values I see the deformer move to the correct position. When I move the art I see the numerical values. I imported your image to a background layer to use as a compass.

When the green and red deformer manipulators are not coordinated properly I could physically move the art to a specific position but inputting values focused on the out of sync deformer. If the art was visually displayed at 45 degrees the deformer would be at a different position and the numerical value would reflect the deformer. Could this be what you are experiencing or some variant?