Deformer jumping out of place on timeline only???

I’ve got a couple of students who have somehow made their deformer rig move out of the timeline hierarchy. It jumps to the top of the timeline and is represented by a deformer box named “1”. The deformer still works. Very odd. If I try to move it back to where it is supposed to be, it messes up the character. Anyone seen this before?

I am not familiar with what all the various modules do within the deformer, but they appear to be in the right place. I’m not sure I would recognize one out of place. I can tell you that in the top layer of the network, everything appears normal.

Here are some screen captures of a broken deformer. Look for the “1” box at the top of the timeline. It belongs in the l_hand layer.

and here is the r_hand for comparison (not broken)

OK. Thanks.

Is everything still connected properly in the Network View? I wonder if they somehow removed a connection, and that popped it out.


I think the easiest thing here would be to email the problem file to and we can try to figure out what happened! It’s kind of hard to see in the images.