Deformer Handles Affecting Others

Hey there friends! I’ve been having a very sporadic issue (it’s only happened twice) with animating a deformer chain that surrounds a sheet that’s meant to blow in the wind and. Even though I merely make a second keyframe before ever animating anything (not moving any points), some points that should be anchored in place move out of position while tweening and then come back where they started. It seems that the points I’ve animated are affecting the ones that aren’t. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I’ve made way more complicated chains and not had this problem - can’t figure it out…

Chris – when you say “anchored”, are you pinning with IK pins? Because they will fall away during a tween. You have to bake them when you’re done. I can send info if that’s the issue.


Are the points moving away only in the OpenGL view or in Render view as well?

This might be a good one to write to about, so they can take a look at your project.