Deformer handle doesn't show the second handle

Hiya, so I have a deformer problem, how can I get the second handle ( see image reference) only one handle is showing as you can see.

  1. Get to know what’s the name of this hidden handle. To do this go to image view of its deformer (if you go there all of the deformer’s curves should turn red instead of green).

  2. All of the handles should be visible there. Select the handle that has been hidden and press “O” while hovering the mouse over the timeline view. After this the name of the hidden handle should be revealed. Press this plus sign:

  3. Go to the image view and change the “Length 1” and “Orientation 1” values under the selected curve, so the hidden handle reveals itself. If it won’t, try to change it more radically.
    If it still doesn’t help try to change “Length 0” and “Orientation 0” values instead.